Why Does Not My Boyfriend Buy Me Flowers?

Receiving flowers from a boyfriend (or any man) feels really good! Your heart melts, your face glows and you just can not help but feel so special inside. You wish your boyfriend would buy you flowers but when he does not, it breaks your heart. Here are 3 things you need to know about why your boyfriend does not buy you flowers so you can stop doing the things that discourages him from buying flowers, and do the things that make him want to keep buying you flowers!

1. Buying flowers for a girlfriend does not come naturally to a man.

Most men really do not know how to appreciate how beautiful flowers are. How often do you see men automatically smile when they see flowers? To your boyfriend, his perspective of flowers could be that they are colored parts of plants, whose purpose is to help a plant reproduce. So a man who does not love plants, simply can not understand how any person could be so crazy over them. His male friends certainly are not enthusiastic about flowers. So if your boyfriend does not buy you flowers, do not just assume he is being a jerk, or is unromantic. Buying flowers for a girl really does not come naturally to boyfriends. You will need to let him know how much you like receiving flowers from him.

2. Your boyfriend does not understand how happy receiving flowers from him will make you.

When you understand men better, you will discover that they really enjoy making women happy. Unfortunately, men are often clueless about how to do this. Their actions are often a function of trial and error, copying what they see on television, taking advice from friends. So if your boyfriend does not give you flowers, forgive him for not being a woman. Help him out by saying to him: "I would feel very happy to receive some flowers from you." If you are picky about what type of flowers you like, tell him specifically what your favorite flowers are. Otherwise, you may end up receiving flowers that disappoint you. Please note that once your boyfriend feels he has failed to make you happy the first time he buys you flowers, it's unlikely that he will be motivated to buy you any other type of flowers again.

3. The way you ask your boyfriend to buy you flowers is important.

Many women think they are asking their boyfriends to buy them flowers when what they are actually doing is hinting. An example is asking the question: "Why do not you buy me flowers?" A female friend will probably say "Oh, I did not think of it." Or just do it automatically. But a man does not think that way. He will probably think you just want to know WHY he does not buy you flowers – not that you will be happy to receive flowers from him. Men are really not good at deciphering women's hints. Another bad way of asking your boyfriend to buy you flowers is to say "If you loved me, you would buy me flowers." This comes across to a guy as complaining. Your boyfriend will think you his love is not good enough. And when a man thinks that he can not make you happy, it gives him a good reason to leave a relationship.

These are just 3 things you need to understand about why a boyfriend does not give you flowers. To have the relationship you've always dreamed of, I invite you to keep learning more about men.

Source by Rachel Lim Shuling

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