Virgo Horoscope – Secrets Revealed About Their Characteristics

This sun sign originates from the constellation Virgo and it is the sixth sign in the Zodiac calendar. It is considered to be a passive, introvert and negative sign and it comes under the sixth house. People born from August 23 to September 22 come under this sun sign. All the Virgos are very critical and witty and they love attracting attention. They are very efficient workers and they love to complete all their work in time.

Some important facts that you must surely know about this particular zodiac sign are mentioned below.

Important facts

Ruling Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercur

Lucky color: Yellow and Azure Blue

Lucky number: 5, 8 and 16

Lucky days: Wednesday

Lucky Stone: Aquamarine

Lucky Flower: Lily

Symbol: Virgin

Personality traits

Positive traits: Perfectionist, love to play safe, respect, analyst, purist, patient, practical, realistic, intelligent, good presence of mind and great communication skills.

Negative traits: Can get depressed easily, Pessimistic, destructive suffer from mood swings, critical, restless, demanding, lacks the power to judge, always looking for perfection.

Love and relationships

Virgos can be easily misunderstood because they are not very good at revealing their emotions to others. They often seem to be arrogant and cold but the truth is that they are highly sensual and loving human beings. They are very devoted partners and when it comes to love they are very calm, self disciplined and caring. They tend to dominate the conversation with their partners but at the same time they are fully aware of their partner’s needs and desires. The most compatible signs for them are Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus and Leo.

Likes and dislikes

Likes: They love friendly conversations, cleanliness, devotion, practicality and truth.

Dislikes: They get irritated with constant changes, nagging, noise, emotional stuff, risk and chaos.


Virgos are not day dreamers and that is why they are tailor made for any job. They love to complete all their work with great compassion and devotion. They need everything to be perfect that is why they are often critical when it comes to work. They love to take more work than what they can actually manage.

Strengths and weakness

Strengths: Their greatest strength is that they have a very sharp mind, they are practical and they pay great attention to whatever is being said to them.

Weakness: They can be jealous, critical and too interfering at times.

Well these are some points that highlight the characteristic traits of the Virgo.

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