Selling a House Quickly

In the today's financial situation, everyone wants to sell his home as quickly as possible. Sadly, this is not always easy if you have not gauged your marketing correctly. Property investing is all about buying the right property, but this is a skill you can learn easily.

As in all investments, you need a good exit strategy. Will your plan make a profit? Do the numbers work? Is there a demand in the area? Who are your potential buyers? Are they investors, tenant buyers, low income, middle income etc.? What kind of home do they want to buy?

The first thing to remember when selling is to present the house to the buyers at its best. It should look worth more than you are asking and be the best house they are likely to be able to buy. So how do you do this without spending too much money?

First of all a well decorated property sells much faster, especially if you are seeking a tenant buyer. It should be neutrally decorated and have few personal little touches. If you are not able to do this yourself, you can hire a decorator or interior designer to assist you. Make sure that it is decorated for your potential buyers, not for your tastes.

You also need to de-clutter. This not only makes spaces look much larger but also more attractive. A professional organizer will help you organize the house and its storage areas. They will search through your garage, closets, basement and attic de-cluttering as they go, so that everything looks organized, clean and tidy.

Next, you need to be able to advertise. Looking at a picture is what most potential buyers first do. If the pictures are poor, the buyer will often move on. Unless you are a great photographer, it is best to hire a professional. It is also a great idea to get video walk-throughs of the house as these help it sell very quickly. Use the pictures to hide the weaknesses and present the property at its best. Buyers will often walk on if they do not like the pictures.

You should also get a description written up at the same time. There are many Realtors that will help you with this, without the need to employ them for the whole sale.

Tenant Buyers who are not able to obtain financing currently, will hopefully own their home in the future. See if you can assist them with this by offering a rent / lease to own and pointing them to appropriate mortgage brokers who will be able to help. Make sure you highlight this opportunity in the advertisement.

When you have everything sorted out, it is time for the "open house". This should be scheduled for the weekend, if possible, when people are free. It should be advertised well ahead of the time to give people time to plan.

Do not forget your curve appeal and make sure that your garden is weeded and the lawns mowed. Put some signs out in the garden and along the road, close to the house so that people can easily find you.

Selling a house quickly is not impossible and the expenses you have will be worthwhile when you have buyers lined up. Good luck!

Source by Sayaka Higashi

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