Popular Flowers of Taiwan

Taiwan is surrounded by water and in located in the subtropical region. Its topography and climate is quite favorable to the growth of various flower varieties. It has a booming floriculture industry and is a major exporter of flowers. Moreover, many tourists visit Taiwan during the blooming period of the flowers. They love to visit flower festivals of Taiwan to be mesmerized by the beauty of its flowers. Some of the popular flowers of Taiwan are mentioned below.

Plum Blossom

Plum blossom has been the national flower of Taiwan since 1964. The flower is available in shades of pink and white and has a delicate scent. The flower blooms from December to January. The major production areas of this flower include Xinyi, Shuili and Nantou County. This flower is highly appreciated in Taiwan and has become a part of the grand tour event. Moreover, it is a symbol of resilience as it is able to survive the harsh winter weather.

Cherry Blossom

This flower blooms during the spring season, from February to April. Diverse varieties of this flower can be found in Taiwan. The flower can also be found in different colors including red, pink and white. The cherry blossom has been brought to Taiwan from different countries including Japan. In the recent years, the blooming period of cherry blossom has been linked with festivals throughout the country.


Taiwan is known to be the Land of Orchids. It has become one of the top exporters of orchids worldwide. Moreover, orchid exports have a large share in the total exports of the country. The orchids of Taiwan are popular throughout the world and flower lovers from across the globe visit orchid farms when they come to Taiwan. The butterfly orchid is one of the most popular varieties produced by Taiwan. The orchid is available in different colors in Taiwan including yellow, pink, red and white.


This is another flower grown commercially in Taiwan and exported to other countries. The environment in the country is highly capable for the growth of this popular flower. The flower has been cultured in the country for many years and its cultivation is concentrated in central Taiwan. Moreover, Taiwan's chrysanthemums are popular worldwide and are available in a rainbow of colors including red, yellow and orange.

Cherokee Rose

Cherokee rose is a native to Taiwan and is grown in abundance in this country. It is usually white in color with a yellow center and is quite fragrant.

Besides these, various other flowers including water lilies, roses and lotuses are quite popular throughout the country.

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