Nourishes and Repair Skin – Australian Clay

Need a healthy and beautiful skin despite of your work load, pollution and various other factors (which emerge as hurdle in having a good and healthy skin). Then Australian clay can be the answer to all your skin problems.

Australian clay is loaded with rich mineral and other nutrients which help in getting back the charm of the skin. It contains minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and copper. It is suits to almost all type of skins.

It energizes, refreshes, removes toxins from the skin which makes the skin look softer and healthier.

In aromatherapy, using clay for enhancing the beauty of skin is not a new concept rather since ancient times it has been used to deal with various skin problems.

There are different types of Australian clay available in the market which is used in aromatherapy. Some of them are as follows:

o Australian clay ivory

Australian clay ivory is best suited to sensitive and baby skin. It has a very mild and nurturing effect.

o Australian clay olive green

It is the powerful and effective among all type of clays. It is best suited to oily skin and acne prone skin. Its ingredients balances, strengthen and repair the skin. It is the best means to deal with body scars.

o Australian clay pastel pink

If you desire of youthful skin, then Australian clay pastel pink can be the best means. It works on stressed and tired skin and makes it look younger and fresh.

o Australian clay washed blue

It helps in washing out impurities from all type of skin. But, it gives best results in oil skin.

o Australian clay reef red

It gives a healthier skin. It is rich in iron which nourishes and replenishes the skin which gives a soft and healthy look. It is also used as coloring agent in various hair dyes etc.

o Australian clay beige clay

It embraces of minerals like copper, calcium, zinc and potassium. It removes cellulite and toxins from the skin. It also improves the circulation in the skin which makes the skin look healthier and soothing.

o Australian clay midnight black

It is black in color, which is rich in iron and oxygen. It is basically used in creams, lipsticks, eye-liners etc. It nourishes the skin and has the properties of cleaning and conditioning.

Thus, different types of Australian clay will deal with all your skin problems which further give you, problem free and healthy skin.

Source by Mia Bilkins

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