How To Stop Your Breakup In Its Tracks

So you suddenly find yourself broken up… and yet you’re still in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend. What now? Do you accept defeat and try to move on, or are there ways to stop your breakup before it’s final?

Well the good news is this: your breakup isn’t permanent until your ex emotionally moves on. While he or she still has bonds and strong connections to your past relationship, your ex won’t be able to put you completely out of mind.

Playing Upon Emotional Bonds Formed By Your Relationship

Remember all the good times you had together? The trips you took, and the memories you created? Well your ex remembers these things as well. He or she feels the exact same way you do, when it comes to the good times. The emotional connectivity you and your ex developed over a long period of time doesn’t just dissolve away overnight, after having declared your relationship over.

Recently however, bad times may have outweighed the good, and your ex might be feeling like abandoning the relationship is the only real answer. Your ex might be bored, or tired of fighting, or feeling just plain neglected by you. In this case, your boyfriend or girlfriend is looking out over the fence, and wondering if the grass is really greener on the other side.

Getting your ex to want you again is the only way to get them back. To do this you need to accentuate the positive aspects of the relationship while constructively trying to eliminate the negative. By constructively, you need to take an honest outside look at what broke you up and what might be changeable. Most of all, this needs to be done without pointing fingers or assigning blame.

What You Can Do To Make Your Ex Miss You

Your first move after your ex breaks up with you is to leave them completely alone. For starters, this eliminates any bad blood or hard feelings that might’ve developed in the last weeks of your relationship. It also keeps the two of you apart long enough to cool off, so that when you do get back in touch you’ll be a lot more likely to hear each other out.

Most of all however, breaking contact is the best way to make your ex miss you. By breaking up you’ve both been faced with the prospect of being alone, and each of you now has a void in your life to fill where the other person used to be. Getting your ex to miss you leads to them wanting to see and talk to you again, and on much better terms than you did when you first broke up.

And in the case where your ex has placed your relationship on a temporary ‘break’? Stopping the breakup is even easier. In this situation your boyfriend or girlfriend is looking to see if they can survive without you… but at the same time they’re just not sure. To alleviate pressure, they’re asking you to hang around (in relationship limbo) while they explore the possibility of being single again. Knowing you’re still there gives them the comfort and security to continue being apart from you.

Want your ex back? Pull away. Withdraw completely, and stop trying to contact or call your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend. Let your ex realize that by placing your relationship on hold, he or she stands a very good chance of losing you for good. This isn’t what they want, especially if they asked for a break instead of a breakup.

Other Methods That Will Stop Your Breakup

Aside from withdrawal techniques, there are certain other tips and tricks you can use to get your ex immediately interested in you again. There are reversal methods that change the way your ex currently views you, and jealousy techniques that can put your ex right back in your life without doing much of anything at all.

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