How to Ask a Girl If She Likes You – Here is How to Know What She Truly Feels About You Really Fast

You have this wonderful friend whom you also love and you want your close friendship to turn into a relationship. This is one predicament that is faced by many. Although some do take the bold step and ask their girl if she likes them as a partner or just as a friend others just avoid being forthright for fear of spoiling a wonderful friendship. No matter what you need to know if the relationship can progress to the next level.

Here are seven steps you could try.

Be sure of yourself

Even before you ask the girl if she likes you, you need to be convinced that she is the one you have been looking for. You will first have to ascertain your true feelings for her, is it mere infatuation or real love. Once you have your answer then you take the next steps.

Ask her

Since you already know her, you can schedule a meeting in a quiet decent place where there are no distractions. Take her there on the pretext of discussing something important. Once you are comfortable broach the subject of you wanting to settle down and ask her without any hesitation if she likes you. However, tell her that she can take her time and answer you later after giving it a lot of thought.

Write a letter

Writing a letter is preferable over an email or a text message. One, you can write a detailed letter telling he how you feel about her and second it seems more personal than a text message or an email. Either deliver her the letter by hand or slip it in her handbag or just use the old snail mail system.

Ask with a bunch of Flowers

Send her a bouquet of flowers with a small note. Make sure that she receives the bouquet when no one is around that will influence her decision. Bare your thoughts and tell her that you feel she is the one you feel is your ideal partner. Ask her if she too feels the same about you.

Call her

This is the most difficult ways of asking her. However, you can make this easy if you ensure that you call her after a thoroughly enjoyable meeting. Once she reaches home give her some time and when she is alone call her and tell her that you like her a lot and would want to take the relationship to a new level.

Show your sincerity

By your actions and words you have to convince her that you are indeed looking for a steady relationship. Make it clear that you are in it for the long haul and are not looking for a temporary fling. However, whichever way you ask her tell her that if she feels that she is not ready nothing will change between the two of you. This should give her the confidence that you mean well.

Use the services of a “Third Party”

This is also a legitimate way of asking if she likes you. You may ask a close mutual friend to discreetly find out her true feelings for you. If this mutual friend is a girl it would surely help. Once you are aware of her true feelings then you can directly ask her.

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