Aguaje, The Curvy Fruit – Will Using It Give You a Bigger Butt and Hourglass Figure?

Aguaje is an oval-shape and fig-sized fruit that grows on the Moriche Palm, one of the most common South American palm trees. Moriche Palm has a hard, slippery trunk and grows over 100 feet tall. The Moriche Palm is abundantly found throughout Trinindad and Tobago, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and Brazil. Aguaje is consumed for refreshment as well as hormone balance.

It is said that eating aguaje superfruits are one of the most natural ways to get bigger hips – and an hourglass figure. As it is rich in phytoestrogens, one of aguaje’s benefits is hormone balance. Women, therefore, have said consuming aguaje has allowed them to balance estrogen, remedying issues such as menopause and infertility. Some claims have been made that aguaje also helps women get a bigger butt and increase hip size.

Aguaje is rich in health benefits and phytoestrogens, but not flavor. “The taste is slightly salty and plain, and sometimes a pinch of salt is added to make it more palatable,” says Dr. J. E. Williams, OMD, FAAIM. “Its nutrient and electrolyte content helps fight the dehydration one experiences as a result from the continual sweating in tropical heat. [Its] antioxidant value helps reduce the effects of sun damage, another consequence of living near the equator.” Aguaje’s superfood title is due to the fact that it’s rich in energy and nutrients said to truly enhance overall health and beauty.

Instituto de Invaestigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana (IAAP) research has declared aguaje one of the highest plant sources of vitamin A – it has five times as much carotenoids as carrots, which help maintain healthy bones, teeth, soft tissues, mucous membranes and skin as well as good eyesight. Aguaje is also high in vitamin C, and the emollient vitamin E, which nourishes skin.

Aguaje also possesses a good amount of protein. If you’re interested in exploring aguaje as one of the natural ways to get bigger hips and improve your womanly figure, please exercise caution. Ensure your aguaje supplier is clean before purchasing to avoid undesirable intestinal bacteria. Those who use that curvy fruit often take it in pill or powder form. The color should be dark reddish-orange in hue. When taken it is powder form – most will include it in a smoothie mixture or they mix it with an oatmeal to mask the bland taste.

It would be amazing to possibly get an hourglass figure by consuming this exotic South American fruit, but not at the expense of an adverse health reaction.

Source by Gabriella Ramirez

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