Advantages of a Flail Mower Over a Rotary Cutter

For years now, we have been using rotary cutters to cut grass, clear lawn and move out the debris from the farmland. Equipment, like the rotary cutters, and bush hogs, have satisfied our need of mowing the lawn, clearing the field of stalks and weeds and so on. The introduction of flails, however, has raised questions about the applicability and usage of this machinery. While the rotary cutter can work very well, the new-age flail mowers have brought in versatility and reliability into the bargain.

Here are some of the benefits of using a flail mower.

• An excellent cutter than its predecessors – It comes with different blades to enable finer cutting. One can use, for instance, a Caroni Flail mower to mow near the fence too, and can get a neat looking lawn in minutes.

• Works well for heavier material – It can cut thicker materials like branches and large shrubs, giving it a finer finish. Flail mowers, then, are the best bet for pruning orchards and for more substantial work.

• No flying debris – The best benefit of the flood is its ability to keep all the dust and debris away. Unlike a rotary cutter, the people and livestock nearby need not worry about the flying debris from the mower. The cut grass and shrubs are cached in the cylindrical part, thereby allowing you to clean it up later. Flails, therefore, are best used for those who need to clear grass and weeds near a populated region or on the roads where you have the fear of encountering pedestrians or traffic.

• Quieter operation – The flails are silent operators. Even while cutting a much larger grass or weeds, the knives do not produce much noise

• Easy fixing – The Caroni flail mowers, come with two trapezoidal belts with a spring-adjusted tensioner. As a result, they can be fixed easily to a tractor or any farm vehicle.

• Various knife sizes – One can buy a mower depending upon the type of operation you require. The blades allow you to cut grass, large shrubs or clear the stalks in the field. The boom attachments also come in a varied size to support the cutting operation in hand.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, a flail can be easily stored, and also comes with steel protections to make your operation safe and secure. The hits in the mowers allowed it to be fitted into any standard sized tractor.

Several users have switched from rotary cutters to flail mowers because of its high-level performance and results. Although the upfront cost of a flail mower may be greater than its counterparts, when you consider in the long run, the flails give intense benefits to the users.

Source by Larry Hill

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