4 Learning Spanish Jokes to Help You Learn How to Speak Spanish

Today, I am going to tell you 4 hilarious learning Spanish jokes or “chistes” or “bromas” (jokes) to help you learn how to speak Spanish. All four of these jokes will help you learn Spanish by pointing out common errors Spanish language learners commit.

1. Did you hear the one where the Gringo lawyer was vacationing in Mexico and a Mexican asked him what did he study when he was a student and he replied: “Yo estudié derecha.”

And the Mexican replied “Y nunca la izquierda?” (and never the left?)

In Spanish, “derecho” means “law.” But “derecha” means “right” as in “left or right.”

2. Did you hear the one where the Gringo was in a restaurant in Argentina and after eating his steak he said to the waiter “El cuento por favor.”

And the waiter responded “Había una vez… ”
(Once upon a time… )

In Spanish, “la cuenta” means “the bill.” But “el cuento ” means the story, the tale, the fairy tale, etc.

3. The same Gringo in the Argentinian restaurant then said to the waiter, “Me gustó la comida. Que comen las vacas aca? Comen pasta?”

The waiter then responded “No, a las vacas aca no les gusta comer el espaghetti.”
(No, the cows here do not like to eat spaghetti.)

In Spanish, “el pasto” means “the grass.” But “la pasta ” means “the pasta” as in fettuccini,
linguine, spaghetti. etc.

4. Did you hear the one where the Gringo in Colombia called his date on a cell phone to tell her that he was lost because he had taken the wrong bus and it was going to be a little while longer before he arrived. So to make sure she didn’t leave before he arrived, over the cellphone he tells her:

“Espera una rata” And she yelled “Para nada! Yo odio los roedores.” (No way! I hate rodents!)

In Spanish, “un rato” means “a little while.” But “una rata ” means “a rat” as in a rodent (roedor).

O.K. I admit it. As you probably already suspected, the last one was not a joke but an embarrassing experience that actually happened to me right here in Colombia during my very first trip here.

The first time that ever I came to Colombia, I made that mistake when talking to a date over the phone and I confused “un rato” (a little while) with “una rata” (a rat).

I hope you enjoyed these four “chistes” or “bromas” (jokes).

Source by Pat Jackson

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